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MATRIX SE, a competitive soccer club serving all North County San Diego


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Welcome to AYSO Matrix SE

Welcome to AYSO Matrix SE! We look forward to providing your child with an exciting soccer experience.

The next step in the process is to register your child with Matrix SE. There are a few steps in the process, as well as paying fees. Registration and payment is completed online and only online. Here we will provide you information about what is needed and the process and links to register.

Registration Fees

The base registration fee is $650.00 per player. There are modifications to the base fee if you are a returning player or if your team will be an SDDA team.
Click here for fee details and what is covered in the fees.

Information Needed

Please have the information below available when you start the oline registration process.

  • Will your team be an SDDA team? Your coach should provide this answer to you.
  • Employer and job title
  • Emergency contact name and phone number
  • Credit/Debit Card to pay fees. ALL FEES MUST BE PAID ONLINE*. Please make arrangements to do this.
*This is required by the new AYSO registration system from the National AYSO office.

Part 1: AYSO Registration

The AYSO registration the first part of the two part process. This is a new regisration sytem and thus everyone must create a new account. You will be signing the AYSO forms electronically and thus we won't need to generate paper forms to be signed.
NOTE: Your child will be placed in a division based on their birth year. We will make adjustments to their registration if they are playing "up"

FEES: You will be paying your fees online during this part of the registration
There is only "program" available with a base price of $632.50. Please select it. You will be asked later in the process if you are a returning player (discount) and/or on an SDDA team (add-on). The final Registration fee shown at checkout will reflect this discount and/or add-on.

PAYMENT PLAN: There is a payment plan option available during checkout. The details of this plan are explained in the process. There is $50 fee if you use the payment plan

Click here for AYSO Registration.

Part 2: CalSouth Registration Form

Here you will provide the information necessary to generete a completed CalSouth registration form for your player. At the end you will recieve an email with an attachment that is the CalSouth form. The necessary and needed information will be filled in. Print 3 copies of the form and sign them.

Click here for CalSouth Registration.

Registration Paperwork (CalSouth Forms and Birth Certificate)
We will need the following:

  • 3 copies of CalSouth form all with original signatures
  • 3 copies of birth certificate

You have 3 options for turning in CalSouth form and Birth Certificate:

  • Turn in to your Coach/Team Manager
  • Mail in to: San Elijo AYSO Matrix, 1501 San Elijo Rd 104-208, San Marcos, CA 92078

Uniform Sizing
The uniforms are same style as last season. Please provide your sizing information to your team manager.

Again, thank you for choosing AYSO Matrix SE. We look forward to great year!

Send an email to Matrix Director or Commissioner